Planning A Perfect Road Trip

Is your family embarking on a Road Trip sooner from now? Have you begun planning ahead of the Trip? Maybe you haven’t even known how to coordinate your thoughts towards this seemingly-big task that lies ahead. No worries! is your best bet for a seamless preparation as you go on this journey. Theirs is a service that gives you maximum satisfaction as well as the value for your money.

More often than not, planning a trip (of any kind viz: family, business, or casual hangouts) unsettles one considering the whole lot of logistic factors to factor into the trip plans, as well as how stressful such a game-plan is . However, bringing a lot of salient issues that need be addressed, into consideration, before the trip starts makes the stress worthwhile, as well as reduces the taxing effect of the planning process.

The following are the factors to consider while going on a Family Road Trip:

The Number of Travelers

Knowing the number of Travelers embarking on the trip would make you decide what provisions to make ahead of the said trip. If it is just only the members of your family, say 3-5 people, the family car is sizeable enough to take you to wherever you are traveling to, as far as it is in good condition and it has been specially serviced for the purpose of the trip. If, however, other people, say friends, are joining you; getting a more spacious vehicle (space bus) that would conveniently contain everyone is advisable. Since it promises to be a long trip, each traveler’s convenience is of utmost importance.

Make Hotel Reservations before Stepping Out

On many occasions, people get disappointed when they don’t make Hotel reservations before setting out. You should ensure you have reserved and paid for the Hotel rooms you will lodge before leaving your house. The weariness of a long journey intensifies one’s frustration in the face of disappointments. This factor always exacerbates whatever situation that leads one to frustration. Obviously, getting a NO as an answer where you are supposed to lodge after a long and tiring journey is highly upsetting.

Have an Extra for everything 

  1. Have Extra Tires, Extra Gas and Extra Cash
    2. Carry-along extra pieces of clothing, toiletries and footwear
    3. Have an extra, fully-charged phone and GPS tracker, for cases of emergency
    4. Take along a piece of Atlas so you don’t lose your way whenever your phones and GPS trackers are out of service.

Snacks and Games

Considering the tiring nature of family road trips, carry along enough snacks that could be eaten anytime hunger sets in, especially where you are not in areas where you could easily purchase food. Also, bringing along games will help you combat boredom as well as further strengthen the family ties, through the interactive Game sessions.

Plan to Rest and Switch Drivers

Many times, people are always fixated on the idea of where they are going and how early the plan getting there, that they forget to stop and rest, on route their destinations. Periodic stops and rests will refresh you and renew your strength by the time you resume driving. Also, members of the family who are of driving-age could do driving interchange. It is always fun, and it gives everybody a sense of responsibility as well as it does bolster their sense of belonging.

Finally, enough cash must be taken along, should cases of emergency pop-up, while the family should endeavor to put up a friendly disposition anytime they are coming across new people (mostly the locals). You never can tell when you would need help and who would provide that much-needed help.

Planning a vacation? Here are 5 tips that’ll come in handy

Vacations are a great way to let off some steam of the stresses of everyday life. Although that should be a relaxing time, there’s plenty that could go wrong. Even so, there a couple of proactive measures you could put in place to ensure nothing comes in the way of you having a stress-free vacation. Hiring a 24 hr car rental from a reputable company is just one of those measures you can put in place. Here are other 5 tips that might also come in handy;

1. Do your Research

Conducting a background check on your vacation destination is important, especially if you’ll be travelling to an unfamiliar country. A couple of things that you should research on are:

*The Climate 

Bad weather can be a major buzzkill especially if you want to enjoy some time on the beach and take some fantastic photos. That’s why it’s important to find out the destination’s climatic seasons so the weather doesn’t hamper your vacation plans.

*Crime levels

Do an in-depth research on the area’s crime rates so you can have safe vacation. Find out the streets you should avoid and the kind of crime that’s common in the area.

*Available accommodation

Find out the different hotels available in the area and make a choice based on the pricing, accessibility and convenience.


Research about the various sights and scenery that the destination has to offer so you can better plan your days while on vacation.*Car rental services. Find out some of the reputable 24hr car rental companies available in the area. This will make it a lot more easier to move around while on vacation. 

2. Make Prior Accommodation arrangements

This is incredibly essential if you plan on travelling during the peak season. Most accommodations tend to hike their prices when the peak season sets in so early bookings will really come in handy. This will give you a head start in to choosing among the best accommodations before they’re fully booked. There are plenty of third party-booking sites available on the internet that you could use.

3. Decide how you’ll get there and make prior arrangements

Whether you plan on travelling by air, sea, or road, you’ll need to make the necessary arrangements in good time. Last minute bookings could affect your vacation plans since things such as cancellations, delays and fare hikes could come up. So avoid the last minute rush.

4. Photocopy important documents

You don’t want a missing card or document to come in the way of you and your dream vacation. So make sure you get photocopies of important documents before you even start packing. Visa, insurance papers and passport are just some of the documents that you should get photocopies of. This will also limit the number of times you have to take out the original copies while you’re in a foreign place.

5. Have a vacation goal in mind

Whether you like swimming, hiking, fishing, subdividing or skydiving, you’ll need to do a bit of planning to make sure you get to engage in all those activities while on vacation. Find out how you’ll be able to get to all those sites that interest you. Hiring a guide will be an added advantage to your vacation since he/she already knows about the major tourist hot spots and how you can get there.

Hopefully these tips will help make your vacation a lot more relaxing. Whether you plan on hiring a 24 car rental or book a flight to get to your vacation, don’t forget to buckle up! 

Hotels whilst traveling

I normally pick a hotel for the following night the day before. I may stay one additional night in case I enjoy the place. Considering the fact that I never journey for the duration of the high season, I generally get a free room with the first several calls.

General Advice

There does exist a risk, in spite of this, that the guidebook is so common that all the listed resorts fill up speedily whilst everything else is actually empty. In case all else fails, you may go there blindly and request the bus station touts. You might not get your first choice, but you won’t nap at the bus station. When selecting motels, I first analyze the placement.

In the event that I plan to leave the morning, I select a place at the bus station, I also search for a great busy downtown area from where I’m able to reach places as well as eating establishments. In tropical regions, in a wonderful hotel I try to look for air conditioning, but in a less expensive hotel I prefer a plain fan. Furthermore, I want a hot bath. In addition, I favor well-liked places where I am likely to meet some other travelers.

If you are traveling in the off-season, chances are that there are plenty of obtainable suites, and you’re not in any way required to take the initial room they offer you. Higher grounds tend to be far better, however in some cities there is a difficulty with water pressure. Ensure that you have rest room towels, cleaning soap, not to mention toilet tissue.


I do not care much for breakfast. In most remote places the hotel is gonna be the sole location to get meal though. If you’re going to such places, it might be wise to bring water and maybe some food. It could never hurt to carry a mineral water bottle, given that you are not able to consume the tap water.


By and large, while planing a journey, you need to examine as many places to stay as it can be feasible. In this instance, you will be able to prevent yourself from any troubles and won’t ruin your personal travel.

Best Foods To Try Abroad When You Travel

Travelling around the world anytime soon? As important as culture, fun and heritage are in that particular country, food has an equally important place in our hearts round-the-year. Be it anywhere, people are always looking out for iconic food options to gorge on. So if you are a foodie, here are the top destinations for foodies around the world (or maybe by using the car rentals while in that city):


  1. Jamaica

The traditional Jamaican cuisine boasts of a variety that is hard to miss. Jerk chicken, Appleton estate rum and Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee are a few of their iconic dishes. Not to miss out on Jamaica’s national fruit that is fried up with codfish which gives a new twist to egg dishes.

  1. India


If you have a bit of both sweet and spicy, India is the place to be. With local shops selling mouth-watering chaats like pani-puri to iconic hotels serving you the best of biryanis and butter chicken, a food lovers paradise. Avail their car rentals service to have access to all parts of the food globe here. Dig into their Chole bhature, Biryani, Aloo parathas, Samosas and Chai- Dine the Indian way!


  1. Peru

This vibrant land lives up to its vibrancy in terms of food too. With every second child dreaming of becoming a ‘chef’, it comes as no surprise that their food options are distinctive. These dishes are worth seeking out for while you are there- Ceviche, Causa, Lomo saltado, Tiradito, Conchitas a la Parmesana, Tacu tacu and Chupe de Camarones.


  1. Switzerland

The land of chocolate and cheese- a combination that is impossible to resist. While in Switzerland, a tour of the famous Lindt factory itself gives a sugar rush. Apart from this, it is also heart to traditional cuisine that wraps up a great meal. Foods to try while you’re here are Cheese fondue, Swiss chocolate, Züri-Geschnetzeltes potato pancakes.

  1. London

Although most people are familiar with the food in London, the authenticity and taste remain intact within the premises of the UK. From the high-class gourmet restaurants that boast of world-class standards in food to the infinite pop-ups which serve drool-worthy street food, London has it all covered. There is a reason why London has been voted for having the world’s best food- Cocktails, English breakfast, Fish & Chips, Black pudding, Fried bread and Yorkshire pudding.

  1. Argentina


Welcome to the world of steak cooked to perfection! With a culture of Mediterranean influences on food, it is the perfect place to feast. To complement your food, you’re in luck as the place is surrounded by vineyards. This time as you get to go there with a checklist of their most popular food options- Argentine stew, Empanadas, Argentine puchero, Asado, Mollejas and Morcilla.


  1. Denmark

How many caffeine addicts out there? Well, live your dream with the best coffee in hand at Copenhagen in Denmark. With the best coffee in the world, tasty wine and some of the best culinary experiences, we are already booking our tickets to Denmark. Don’t miss out on Kartofler, The
Danish Pastry, Stegt flæsk, Lakrids, Rye bread, Open faced sandwich and coffee.

The world is full of scrumptious and appetizing food. Now that you’ve got your best food options while on the go, give it a try! These destinations are absolutely worth the time and money!